What are Private Nameservers & Why should I use them?

Private name servers are DNS name servers that are associated with a particular domain name, as opposed to being associated with those of HostGoi. Private name servers can only be used on our Reseller, Dedicated and VPS hosting plans. It is not possible to use them on our Shared plans or WordPress.

If using our generic name servers, it would look something like ns1.nitro.fastwebsitebox.com, ns2.nitro.fastwebsitebox.com.com and so on.

Private name servers would be ns1.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com.

Why should I use them?

Other than “branding” reasons, there are no other real benefits. Many resellers choose to have their own private name servers for simply branding reasons. You can also use our already set up anonymous nameservers that are mentioned in the Account Information Email that is sent to you.

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