Policy Regarding Storage Boxes

Important Information: We are currently observing an increase amount of abuse cases on our Storage Boxes solution.

Abusers are using this low cost solution as Virtual Private Server, and doing illegal activities instead of using it as simple storage solution.

As we are offering full root access instead of restricted FTP access, so our clients have full server access, but while using this service, you need to follow some of our guidelines:

There are some restrictions regarding our Storage Boxes and using your Storage Boxes like below could lead to immediate suspension.

  • Website hosting is strictly prohibited. We don’t allow any kind of website hosting on this solution, this could welcome DDoS attacks on our node, and overall downgrade the performance of all other clients.
  • Email sending is strictly prohibited. Spammers usually sign up for low cost servers to send spam, as we are providing full root access and dedicated IP, so this is attracting spammers. If we found outgoing email activities on your server, it will be suspended without warning.
  • We are not allowing any extra management features with our storage boxes, if you want to reinstall your OS, then simply contact our support team.
  • Any modification with your Storage Boxes is not allowed (like adding this custom amount of CPU, RAM, package upgrade is allowed), demanding any extra features which by default not included with our Storage Boxes will be rejected.
  • Using this solution as VPN, Proxy, CDN, Edge Cache or any other traffic driving use cases are not permitted.
  • Uploading adult pornography, LOLITA, copyrighted files, illegal pirated contracts or software, MOVIES, copyrighted music or videos are not allowed.

Please do not open ticket to ask relaxation regarding this rules. Doing this will simply put your profile is Grey list, our our abuse team will proactively monitor your actions to trace abuse cases.

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