How to register private nameservers?

Private nameservers are where your domain points to our nameservers so that your customers do not see our domain name on your account.  If you do not set up private nameservers someone does a nameserver lookup on your domain it will show our nameservers.

Once you set up private nameservers when someone does a nameserver lookup on your domain it will show and which will mask that you are using our services.  Your clients can also use and instead of the our nameservers.

Depending on what registar you used for your domain name you may be able to set up your private nameservers on your own or you may have to contact your registrar to have them set up for you.

For guides specific to your domain registrar take a look at the following guides below or refer to  your domain registrar’s knowledgebase.

Registering Private Nameservers with GoDaddy

Register Private Nameservers with Namecheap

Register Private Nameservers with Network Solutions

Registering Private Nameservers with

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