How to Import MySQL Databases in Command Line?

In this tutorial, we will go over the steps on how to import MySQL databases within your command line interface. Using this method is just as easy as importing via the PHPMyAdmin software. However within the command line you may import SQL files over 50MB. For our shared servers you may need to use Putty in order to connect.

Importing a Database via SSH

  1. Make sure you have your database created and a user attached to it. Please remember to copy or write down the information as you will need it in step 5.
  2. Upload your SQL file to the server by either using the File Manager or a FTP Client. It does not matter where you upload it, just remember its location as you will need it later in the steps.
  3. Log into your server via SSH
  4. Navigate to where you uploaded the .sql file. For example if you uploaded the file to your public_html folder you would run the following command:
    cd /home/userna5/public_html
  5. Use the command below while replacing userna5_db with your cPanel username and database name, as well as userna5_user with your cPanel user and database user.
    mysql -p -u userna5_user userna5_db < yoursqlfile.sql
  6. This will prompt you for a password, here you will enter the password you used when creating the mysql user and attaching it to the database.

Congratulations you have now imported your SQL file into your database. If you had any issues along the way please let us know by commenting below.

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