Characters to Avoid When Naming Files and Folders (JetBackup)

What is JetBackup?

JetBackup is a tool available in your cPanel which provides a powerful set of backup and recovery solutions.

Our systems have been fully automated to create remote (off-site) backups for you, making this process super easy! We take daily off-site backups (around midnight) of your data and store them up to a certain number of days, based on your hosting plan.

JetBackup is a feature Stromonic has added into your cPanel at no extra cost for our Web HostingWordPress Hosting, and Reseller Hosting plans. If you are on a VPS Hosting plan, you can get the daily remote backup service at an additional cost.

Characters to Avoid When Naming Files and Folders (JetBackup)

While JetBackup supports almost any characters for filenames (UTF-8), there are special characters/symbols that are generally best avoided as there are specific limitations across various filesystems and storage destinations which can cause unintended issues with your backups.

This list is not exhaustive and is meant to help determine and avoid errors regarding filenames and your backups.

# pound % percent & ampersand { left curly bracket
} right curly bracket \ back slash < left angle bracket > right angle bracket
* asterisk ? question mark / forward slash blank spaces
$ dollar sign ! exclamation point ‘ single quotes ” double quotes
: colon @ at sign + plus sign ` backtick
| pipe = equal sign

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